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VehicleLeyland National 11351A/1R
B50F Leyland National Mk.I
New with B52F layout, reseated (c. ?/85) to B50F layout . Reseated (11/99) to B49F layout
Number755 (AFJ 755T)
New to Western National OC Ltd. as fleet number 2874
OperatorMidland Red West Limited, Worcester depot
New (4/79) to Western National OC Ltd., Exeter. Passed (1/4/83) to Western National Ltd., Truro. Passed (11/89) to Midland Red West Ltd., Worcester. Withdrawn (11/00). Passed (8/01) to A.H. Hardwick (dealer), Carlton
LocationPadmore Street depot, Worcester
DescriptionParked up for the night shortly before the Nationals were withdrawn from service at Worcester depot.
Note: The vehicle behind to the left is Leyland National F/No: 541 with all over advertising for Crowngate Shopping Centre, and the vehicle behind to the right is Mercedes L608D F/No: 1339 with all over advertising for the Worcester Evening News.
SourceKindly donated to MidlandRed.net by J.R. Brown

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MRWApril1989Worcester • Malvern Link • Great Malvern • Belmont
September1991Worcester • Malvern Link • Great Malvern • BelmontBest Match
FMRJanuary2004Worcester • Malvern Link • Great Malvern • Belmont

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