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VehicleLeyland National 11351/1R — Midland Red type code: N4
B49F Leyland National Mk.I
Number474 (JOX 474P)
OperatorMidland Red West Limited, Worcester depot
New (11/75) to Midland Red OC Ltd., Birmingham. Passed (6/9/81) to Midland Red (West) Ltd., Worcester. Operator privatised (22/12/86) as Midland Red West Ltd. Withdrawn (10/91). Passed (8/93) to Smith (dealer), Wilmcote
LocationNewport Street Bus Station, Worcester.
DescriptionPlaying for the camera during a Bus Station flood from the River Severn.
DateFebruary 1990
SourcePhotograph © Chris Sampson

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MRWSpring1983Worcester • Lower Broadheath • Hallow • Worcester
August1986Worcester • Lower Broadheath • Hallow • Worcester
April1987Worcester • Lower Broadheath • Hallow • WorcesterBest Match

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