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VehicleLeyland National 11351/1R — Midland Red type code: N4
B49F Leyland National Mk.I
Number473 (JOX 473P)
OperatorMidland Red West Limited, Worcester depot
New (10/75) to Midland Red OC Ltd., Birmingham. Passed (6/9/81) to Midland Red (West) Ltd., Worcester. Withdrawn (1/91). Passed (3/94) to Hardwick (dealer), Carlton
LocationKidderminster Bus Station
DescriptionDriver Stan Foxall loads passengers for a Service 303 to Worcester.
Many Leyland Nationals including, it would seem, this one did not have a “zero” on the centre number track of the destination display. Hence, this vehicle is showing service number “3C3” to Worcester. This problem was never addressed by Midland Red West and the occasional National from Worcester depot could still be seen operating a service “3-3” in the late 1990s. Driver Foxall joined BMMO at Worcester depot in the early 1950s and later became a coach tour driver. He retired from Midland Red West in the early 1990s and sadly passed away in 2014.
DateSaturday 12th September 1987
SourceChris Martin collection

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303MRWAutumn1984Worcester • Kidderminster • Stourbridge • Wolverhampton
October1985Worcester • Kidderminster • Stourbridge • Wolverhampton
August1986Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
February1987Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
April1987Worcester • Ombersley • KidderminsterBest Match
August1989Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
July1991Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
August1992Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
May1994Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
September1994Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
October1998Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
FMRSeptember2000Newtown Hospital • Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster
September2003Royal Hospital • Worcester • Ombersley • Kidderminster

Service 303 timetable dated 26th April 1987 is the Best Match for this photograph.

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