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VehicleLeyland National 11351A/1R
B49F Leyland National Mk.I
Number413 (SCK 713P)
New to Ribble Motor Services Ltd. as fleet number 713
OperatorMidland Red West Limited, Kidderminster depot
New (8/76) to Ribble Motor Services Ltd., Preston. Passed (10/86) to Midland Red (West) Ltd., Worcester. Operator privatised (22/12/86) as Midland Red West Ltd. Withdrawn (4/90). Passed (11/92) to Wacton (dealer), Bromyard
DateThursday 27th July 1989
TimBrown on Tuesday 27th July 2021
I have a suspicion that this photograph was taken at Shrewsbury; the number blind could be showing 436 even though it appears to be 486. That middle numeral blind seems to be folded over which happened with monotonous regularity with Leyland Nationals. If it is working a 436 this ran from Bridgnorth to Shrewsbury via Much Wenlock. In addition Kidderminster ran a number of services in Shropshire at this time and 413 was allocated KR 05/89 until 01/90 when it moved to Digbeth prior to withdrawal 04/90. As an aside this bus was nice to drive, higher geared than Midland Red's original Nationals, it also had a close ratio gearbox with a useable crawler gear (Midland Red's Nats had a wide ratio box where first gear was only good for about 8 MPH). It was fast too, capable of nearly 40 MPH in fourth gear and 60 MPH on slight downhills, useful when running late on peak time 144 services. Sister ex-Ribble 407 was a pig, it wouldn't accelerate and had delayed action brakes, so not a good one at stopping from anything above 15 MPH, it wouldn't pull top gear on the dual carriageway from Lydiate Ash to Rubery either, so I would do all possible to change 407 if it was allocated to second part of a late turn as you had to drive it flat out in every gear to make any progress. 402/405 & 413 would all respond with good progress by changing up without screaming the engine.

Rich82 on Tuesday 27th July 2021
It is Shrewsbury apart from This is now a car park the buildings are all still there

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MRWApril1991Bridgnorth • Much Wenlock • Shrewsbury

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