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VehicleDennis Dart SLF
B34F Salvador Caetano Nimbus
Number42352 (Y352 AUY)
New as fleet number 352
OperatorFirst Midland Red Buses Limited, Hereford depot
New (4/01) to First Midland Red Buses Ltd., Worcester. Withdrawn (3/9/15). Passed (16/10/15) to First Potteries Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent (not operated)
LocationOpposite Worcester Cathedral
DescriptionLoading passengers for a 08:50 Service 420 to Hereford.
At the time of the photograph, Worcester’s Crowngate Bus Station was closed due to flooding in the area and the vehicle is seen at the temporary terminus (this road was closed to other traffic while being used as a temporary bus station).
DateMonday 10th February 2014
SourcePhotograph by Webmaster © Adam Harber
Kewelly7 on Thursday 10th February 2022
Anyone know what happened to this batch of Darts, all seem to pass to First Potteries but none were operated, surely didn’t need that many for spares 🤷‍♂️

TimBrown on Thursday 10th February 2022
According to my records the whole batch went to an unnamed dealer during April/May 2016. Whilst they were attractive looking buses from the outside, in common with all Caetano bodied Darts, they had an enormously long internal bustle over the engine which took up so much space that the seats were crammed in with insufficient legroom unless the passenger was a child or an adult no taller than 5 feet. Six footers had no chance of facing forward, I used to wait for another bus if one was on my local service because of this defect!

AdamH on Saturday 12th February 2022
As a driver, these always felt like they were hard work.

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420MRWSeptember1981Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
March1982Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
Sprint1983Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
July1986Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
July1989Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September1990Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
April1992Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
October1994Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
August1996Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
November1998Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
FMRFebruary2001Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September2002Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September2003Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September2004Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September2005Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September2013Worcester • Bromyard • HerefordBest Match
August2014Worcester • Bromyard • Hereford
September2015Worcester • Bromyard
April2016Worcester • Bromyard
September2016Worcester • Bromyard
July2017Worcester • Bromyard
September2017Worcester • Bromyard

Service 420 timetable dated 1st September 2013 is the Best Match for this photograph.

The Best Match is selected from the timetable database as being the timetable most likely operated by the vehicle in the photograph, based on the date of the photograph, vehicle operator, and destination route number.