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VehicleMercedes-Benz O.814 Vario
B22F Plaxton Beaver Mk.II
Number52521 (S521 RWP)
New as fleet number 521
OperatorFirst Midland Red Buses Limited, Worcester depot
New (7/98) to Midland Red West Ltd., Worcester. Withdrawn (13/6/05). Passed (8/05) to First Glasgow. Passed (10/06) to Munden (dealer), Bristol
LocationNorton Barracks.
DescriptionShowing blue route branding for Worcester OverGround Service 32.
Service 32A was introduced as a variation to Service 32 on 6th September 2004, but the route branding was not change to show the new route until December 2004.
DateSaturday 9th October 2004
SourcePhotograph © Ben Morroll
bringstybeast on Tuesday 9th October 2018
Always thought this round of "overground" branding was a great example of the attention to detail First showed back at that time. Put route branding stickers that extend over the "First" logo, realise it looked ridiculous so replace the branding (at some cost?) with a slightly shorter brand, leaving a sticky mess behind what they peeled off... Suppose at least the fares information was complete at the time and no typos!

TimBrown on Wednesday 10th October 2018
With all the wonderful modern branding the modern version of north end of the 32, the 37 to Green Lane gives a bus at 07-25 and one at 07-55 then NOTHING for 95 minutes, it is now only half hourly from 09-30 until mid afternoon when last bus out of the city is at 17-15. When the Varios, as shown in the photograph, ran we had an early 06-30 bus, hourly subsidised evening buses between 19-15 & 23-15 and a 15 minute frequency service through most of the day. My cousin in London has public transport 24/7 and laughs when I relate the sad demise of Worcester's bus services!

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32AFMRApril2016Worcester • St Peter's • Royal Hospital

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