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Service 34: Service History


Service 34

Route number 34 has been used a number of times by Midland Red West Limited (renamed First Midland Red Buses Limited in 1999), for local bus services within the City of Worcester. However, the route number has also been used by the company in Hereford on a Sunday-only service to Monmouth.

Service 34 (2014)

Operated by First Midland Red Buses Limited

In 2014, First Midland Red Buses Limited won a short-term contract from Herefordshire Council to operate a number of services between Hereford and Ross-On-Wye. The bulk of the contract was for Service 44 and Service 44A which ran on Mondays to Saturdays, but also included the summer-only Service 34 running between Hereford, Ross-On-Wye and Monmouth under the brand name “Wye Valley Wanderer”.

The route was operated by Hereford depot using Alexander Dennis Enviro200 single-deck buses, and ran on Sundays only from Sunday 4th May 2014 to Sunday 28th September 2014.